Can you relate?

Have you been feeling stuck lately? Like something has to give, like you're not quite as energised and lit up about life as you could be? Maybe you are watching others around you go after their dreams and living their happy lives and you kind of feel left behind, like why can’t I have that, why can’t I feel that way?


Are you feeling....

  • Stressed

  • Overwhelmed

  • Frustrated, like you don’t know where to start

  • Stuck like there is no way out of how you are currently feeling

  • Anxious

  • Like you don’t trust yourself and your intuition anymore

  • Like you need to overcommit and have poor boundaries in order to ‘keep things together’ or for others to love and respect you


Here's the truth.....

I want you to know that  it’s totally normal to feel stuck sometimes, to feel unsure, or trapped in a repeating pattern not being totally lit up and excited about your life. Kind of like you are sleep walking through life, on autopilot, like everyday is rinse and repeat, stuck on the hamster wheel of life. 

Maybe you feel as though something is missing, you are consciously aware that life can be more magical than it is right now, but you are not sure how to break free from how you are feeling.

You have the power to choose to get unstuck and to go after a life of magic, with the right guidance & support this is totally possible.


Maybe you have......

Read a personal development book, completed a course or workshop, or experienced 1:1 coaching/healing, only to be left even more confused and overwhelmed, not knowing how to take action and integrate the learnings into your life, let alone to see real change and most of all to feel better?


Healing doesn't need to....

  • Be hard or complicated

  • Take years of hours & hours of ‘doing the work’

  • Costs thousands of dollars

Most of all you don't need to do it alone! I don’t believe in giving my clients a laundry list of tools and rituals, I guide each and every one of them on a tailored journey to help them discover what is right for them and what will realistically work for them and their life, rather than giving them a rinse and repeat strategy.


My Mission is.....

  • Having the tools that you need to manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety so you are confidently equipped when life gives you lemons

  • Being free from energetic blockages and old belief programs that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck

  • Prioritising, honouring and valuing yourself each and everyday with healthy boundaries, positive self talk and simple ritual practice

  • Feeling relaxed and calm, like everything is clearer and your goals are now easier to achieve

  • Being connected with positive feelings and emotions, your intuition and ability to manifest your desires



To ensure that my clients don’t wake up one day in the distant future, in ten years time and think, “how did I get here, living this life that I am not enjoying, I have wasted the best years of my life”.  Time goes by so quickly and you don’t want to be wasting it unfulfilled, stressed and overwhelmed.


I co-create a tailored healing journey, utilising both energy healing and mindset coaching for each and everyone of my clients to meet them where they are at and help get them where they want to go, living a life of pure magic, free from constant stress, overwhelm, anxiety and self doubt.


Choose your healing Journey to learn more


Introducing the Awakzen Act Method

After going on my own journey with stress and overwhelm as well as 1:1 coaching countless Women I have learnt that there is no one size fits all approach. The Awakzen (ACT) method has two key components that will help you create lasting change. I created this method as I know that everyone is unique when it comes to stress triggers and how they cope with stress, there is no ‘one size fits all approach’, it is helping to connect you with your inner knowing so you can decide what tools resonate with you so you can leave behind what doesn’t.


Aware- Conscious awareness & vulnerability with self

  • Learn what triggers you where your negative self talk started and why

  • Learn how your body responds to stress, the signs and symptoms you have been ignoring for potentially years

  • Learn your current beliefs, mindset blockers and automatic responses/coping mechanisms that may be adding to & keeping you in a constant state of stress and self doubt


Cope- Fusing traditional mindset tools & spiritual practices

  • Find the mindset tools that work for you, your lifestyle, that you can maintain in the future, trial techniques noticing changes in your energy and mindset (flowing not forcing)

  • Learn to change your mindset, perspective and shift limiting beliefs & self talk.

  • Learn to not only heal from stress but have tools ready to minimise and cope with stress in the future


Transform - Create lasting change, live life in alignment and flow

  • Learn to slow down, ground and calm before you respond.

  • Know your triggers so that when you are faced with them you can implement the tools that work for you to reduce stress & negative self talk

  • Reflect upon and celebrate progress, noticing how magnetic you have become


What my clients have to say....

“The healing was definitely just what I needed, I have always had trouble meditating and I just felt so relaxed and held, I think I drifted off”

“During a Theta healing session with Rebecca I felt like my reality shifted in an instant. I was taken back to the source where I cried because I got to reconnect with my true infinite nature of pure love & light. After it I immediately started to see positive changes in my body and everyday since I am feeling better and better. This healing is perfect for anyone who is ready to receive instant healing”

“It was so helpful to understand my stress triggers and to get a different perspective and get tips to release stress and not add to my own stress levels”

“I felt like I had options and ways to approach the situations I was dealing with. I had more tools to use and it gave me power to continue to move forward and deal with the current issues that I am facing creating stress and issues within my life. Rebecca gave me some great advice and suggested a few ideas to help me reduce the stress that I consistently deal with. I felt like I could breathe easier and mentally I was clearer on my goals and where I wanted to be in my life and where I was working towards”



How does distant Energy Healing work?

The beautiful part about energy healing is that it transcends time and space meaning that we do not need to be in the same physical location or time zone in order for you to receive the unconditional love energy. Reiki healings generally include a chakra balancing guided meditation, additionally, there is a guided meditation for theta healing too. Some clients like to skip the meditation and just sit listening to the relaxing music and receive the healing, it is totally up to you.

What if I am new to meditation?

No worries at all, so many of my clients have been new to meditation or have actually told me that they have never been able to meditate before and all of them have said that it has been super easy to follow the sound of my voice and enter a meditative state even when they thought it wasn’t possible at all! It is all about trusting that your body, mind and soul will receive the healing as needed and you will be surprised what you are capable of.