What causes stress and the health issues I am experiencing as a result of stress?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Stress can be caused by a particular event or situation that is distressing either physically or emotionally. A stress reaction is triggered by our central nervous system when there is a perceived danger; our central nervous system then kicks in to survival mode.

We have all felt this happen right? That rush of adrenaline you get when in a confrontation with someone or you get into a near miss car accident; you can feel your heart pumping faster, your body temperature and breathing change, your hands even start to shake these are very real examples of your body preparing to fight, flight (run away) or freeze (many of us have experienced that moment when we go into shock and can’t even move or talk).

In module one of our 12 week program we explain to you this theory in far more detail how the central nervous system works both hormonally/chemically as well as physically when the body and mind is under stress. This understanding will empower you to take back control of your health and your life.

You may be thinking at this point that nothing so extreme happens in my day to day life that would affect me as severely as a near miss car accident or a heated confrontation with someone else, well for that we are glad! However the problem with the central nervous system is how it perceives a threat.

This fight, flight, freeze mechanism has been inbuilt into the human body since day 1, originally it was to protect our cave women predecessors from predators, say a saber tooth tiger for example. If there were a saber tooth tiger running at you then that would absolutely cause a stress response in the body causing you to run for your life! What a great in built survival mechanism for humans to have! We probably would have become extinct like the dinosaurs if it wasn’t for this survival mechanism! See the problem now is that our poor old central nervous systems cannot tell the difference between the saber tooth tiger coming at your baring its sharp fangs and your boss moving up the deadline on that huge project you have been working on or having a big fight with your partner. Queue stress and our bodies constantly going into survival mode thus causing a whole sleuth of health issues, more on that in the pages to come!

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