Tips for your Meditation Practice

After my recent post on meditation and its benefits today I wanted to share with you some hints and tips for your meditation practice, this will be a short, sharp and value packed post so here goes!

Here are my top hints and tips for your meditation practice

  • Start with the intention of working with your stress and overwhelm

  • Be open to exploring new ideas and methods to deal with your stress and overwhelm

  • Ensure your are in a comfortable position, space and have time dedicated to your practice where you will not be disturbed

  • Try to set aside time to practice, morning and night ideally to frame your day and wind down at the end of the day

  • Don't let ego take over or feel like you have to have a perfect practice, there is no perfect only what is right for you. Slowing your breathing and quieting your thoughts will get easier with time

  • Acknowledge the sensations, feelings and emotions that come up for you during your practice

  • Feel the feels! Big emotions may come up let them out, cry if you feel called to, this is energy and even trauma moving out of your body

  • Accept that sitting with your emotions may be uncomfortable at first but it is necessary in order to grow, it will get easier with time

  • Do not try to change or over analyse any thoughts, emotions or sensations that come up, simply sit with them and let them be (acknowledging and accepting is vital)

  • Be empathetic to yourself and show yourself compassion

  • Be patient with yourself and persevere with your practice no matter how difficult it may be in the moment

  • Trust your ability to handle your emotions, thoughts and feelings as they come up

  • Know that this to shall pass, that your current experience does not equal your entire experience or life, it's all about balance

I hope these hints and tips help you to deepen your meditation practice and you continue to use it as a tool to help you cope with stress and overwhelm.

As always if you have any questions or need any further support please reach out to me via Instagram dm or send me an email.

Until next time,

Love and light,

Rebecca xx

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