Tips for a good night's sleep

On my last blog post I talked about the science behind sleep and why it is so important.

Below is a few hints and tips from my upcoming 12 week program which will help you get some quality shut eye and wake up feeling rested, recharged and ready to take on whatever the day throws your way!

· Limit screen time- at least one hour before bed limit your exposure to tv’s, phone’s and computer screens the bright lights and noise stimulates your central nervous system making it harder for your body to relax. Try reading a book for one hour before bed instead!

· Journaling- in our program we will provide you with worksheets to reflect on the day that was. Try writing down 3 positive things about your day that you are grateful for, write down things that caused you to feel stressed or uncomfortable then reflect on whether in hindsight these are now important or worth feeling stressed over, could you look at these in a different light? Perhaps as an opportunity to challenge yourself or grow? Mindset is key!

· Herbal Tea- Having a herbal tea before bed can be a great way to relax, the warmth itself if calming along with the herbs in the tea used to calm the body and mind. Each of your monthly stress less deliveries as part of our soon to be launched 12 week program will come with a herbal tea. The sleepy-t has lavender, chamomile and skullcap to name a few ingredients that are very powerful when it comes to helping your body and mind switch off after a long day.

· Meditate! Our program comes with many different guided meditations and breathing exercises as well as a custom playlist to set the tone for a quality night’s sleep. Try this to help you sleep: lie down on your back legs slightly apart, hands palm up a little away from your body, really relax your body from your toes, your legs, your torso, your fingers, arms all the way up to your shoulders, your neck and your head. Feel your body relax sinking into the bed letting go of all tension. Next turn your attention to your breath, without changing your breath become conscious of the way you are breathing, feel the rise and fall of your chest and stomach as you breathe. As you become more conscious of your breath notice your breathing slows, it becomes deeper your chest filling with air and your stomach expanding upon each exhale. Each time your mind wanders, acknowledge this thought, it is okay for your mind to wander just bring your attention and focus back to your breath. Focus on relaxing your body and your breath for at least 5-10 minutes and you will notice a huge difference in your sleep quality.

· Affirmations- our program includes affirmations for sleep as well as explaining the theory behind affirmations, how they work and why they are so powerful. Try repeating the following sleep affirmation at least three times before bed ‘I release all of my worries and stress from today and thank my body for recharging and resetting tonight as I lay down to sleep’ or ‘ I will wake tomorrow with energy and passion ready to tackle whatever the day throws my way’

· Essential oils- Lavender, chamomile and clary sage are all extremely calming essential oils that can assist with a quality nights sleep.

· Use an eye mask- Eye masks help create a quality night’s sleep as our brain responds to light, by creating darkness with an eye mask you are signalling to your body and mind that it is time for sleep. By increasing darkness it helps the body create more of the natural sleep hormone melatonin (that controls our sleep/wake cycles). Scientists have noted that dark sleeping conditions increased time in the REM deep sleep cycle which as we know is very important for our health. As part of the program we will provide you with your very own silky soft eye mask.

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