Perspective for Stress and Overwhelm

This may just be my biggest tip for dealing with stress and overwhelm, that is to consider perspective whenever you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It may seem simple but it is powerful.

Perspective is our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards a particular situation or person, it is our ability to consider situations or others in relation to ourselves and how it will impact us from our point of view. Perspective is not universal and my truth, perspective or point of view will differ greatly to the next person so a situation or action of another person may greatly offend me or stress me out but was not intended that way by the other person.

A lot of stress is created by the amount of pressure we put on ourselves or pressure that we perceive from others, this is how we perceive situations or others .

Whilst stress is inevitable and we cannot control every single situation that occurs in life, what we can control is how we react and how we allow it to impact our mindset which will ultimately either result in us remaining cool, calm and collected or becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

A lot of the time we react or allow ourselves to become stressed or overwhelmed when emotions are high, however then when emptions are settled and we look back we know that in hindsight that particular situation was not worth stressing ourselves out over.

We all have our own triggers which we need to be aware of because this is what will cause an emotional response which could lead to our perspective being shifted in a way that does not serve us positively and could result in stress and overwhelm. Our triggers are often formed by our own morals and beliefs but also our previous experiences or exposure to trauma which I will cover in a future blog post. We tell ourselves stories based on this and it forms our perspective.

Perspective can be easy to shift by literally taking a breath before you react or allow yourself to be swept away by emotions. It is as simple as asking yourself whether this is worth being stressed over and whether this will be a big deal in one week, one month or one years time, whether it is completely necessary for this task to be done right now or whether it can wait (is it life or death?). You need to have the ability to be honest with yourself and ask these questions subjectively, seeing the situation from another persons point of view can be really powerful too.

I do not recommend this in order to down play your feelings but rather to gain perspective on whether this particular situation is worth stressing or worrying over right now. Often we spend time worrying or stressing over something and the worry and stress is worse than the situation that caused it in the first place.

Perhaps your perspective is not serving you positively and it could be a matter of shifting this in a positive way, from I have to do this to I get to do this. I challenge you to have a think about your perspective next time you are feeling stressed and ask yourself whether your perspective is serving you negatively or positively. Having a positive perspective and outlook on life can do absolute wonders for reducing stress and overwhelm!

Until next time.

Rebecca xx

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