Personality Testing to Understand Self

Personality testing can be a really helpful tool to understand self which can explain some of the default ways that you react when you are stressed and overwhelmed.

How most personality tests work is that you will be asked a series of questions, often the same questions asked in different ways to really capture your default responses. Of course with any kind of test that is carried out in this way it is totally subjective, that is you need to answer based on your truth and honestly in order to get an accurate result. It goes without saying that you should follow your intuition and answer based on what feels right for you in that moment without over analysing each question and answering based on what you think is 'correct'. It is best to remember that there is no right or wrong only what is right for you. Another thing to remember is that this is a loose categorisation that you can use as a tool to understand self. Whilst personality is often developed at a young age, our tendencies or default can change over time with self development and growth. My own experience with personality testing was that I received the same result twice however the percentages of individual traits varied each time I did the test.

These test such as the Myer's Briggs personality testing work on categorising your dominant qualities or traits into a personality type which is allocated a code. These traits and your overarching personality type will then be explained to you. Each explanation is based on relevant areas of your life such as strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, parenthood and work.

The personality test I recommend you give a try is the 16 personalities test, it is free to do and can be accessed here

Another type of testing that can be quite handy in regards to our romantic relationships is the 5 love languages test. This is based off a book by Dr Gary Chapman. This test can help you to understand how you like your loved one to show their love to you as well as conversely how your loved one likes you to show them love. I think in relationships especially when we are busy and stressed we go about our lives in autopilot without really thinking about how show love because how you like to show love may not be how your partner likes it to be shown to them. This is such a powerful tool and may even surprise you when you do it! I did it with my partner of 9 years and we both got very different results on how we like to be shown love which was really interesting.

The 5 love languages test quiz can be accessed here .

I hope theses tests help you to understand yourself a little better in order to help you work through your stress and overwhelm.

Until next time.

Love and Light.

Rebecca xx

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