Mirror Work to Release Stress

As Womxn a lot of us struggle with low self esteem and self worth which I have mentioned before can lead to us having poor boundaries and a constant need to seek validation by pleasing others ultimately putting them first and ourselves last.

Good news! Mirror work is a really powerful tool that you can use to help cope with this.

Hopefully by now you have read my post on the power of affirmations and checked out my free affirmations. Mirror work and affirmations when combined together can be incredibly powerful to transform your self talk and mindset.

What is Mirror Work?

If you have been following me for a while you will know I am a huge fan of Louise L Hay and her work, in fact I have been reading her books and doing her meditations since high school. Louise L Hay first introduced Mirror Work in her book 'Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life' in 1984. Mirror work is simply the practice of allowing time each day to sit or stand in front of the mirror, to observe oneself and have a dialogue that is more supportive. It can be as simple as refraining from pointing out your flaws (I know we are all guilty of this, I have pimples, I have wrinkles, I wish my hair were different, I wish my teeth were whiter or straighter, you get the drift) and simply finding 3 things that you like about yourself and why. You can also repeat affirmations in the mirror whilst looking at yourself. It is all about reprogramming yourself talk to be more positive, how you would speak to a friend or loved one.

What are the Benefits of Mirror Work?

  • Help you to overcome limiting beliefs and self doubt

  • Help you to deal with insecurities and low self esteem

  • Help you to develop self love

  • Help you to accept yourself as the unique perfectly imperfect individual that you are

  • Help you to develop self love practices

  • Help you to develop positive self talk & dialogue with self to work through stressful and overwhelming situations

I don't feel comfortable staring at myself in the mirror for 5 minutes, isn't that a bit vain?

You may not like the idea of staring at yourself in the mirror or you may do it and feel really uncomfortable, emotional and unsettled and as though once you start you just want to stop before the 5 minutes are up. Why? because of your low self esteem! you may feel called to criticise yourself. The mirror will reflect back to you your inner most feelings about yourself, your ego will then step in hence the urge to pull away. I challenge you to sit with these feelings, ask yourself why they are coming up and resist the urge to criticise yourself or abandon the practice. These feelings and instincts are a nudge from your mind that these thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself need to change in order for you to grow, develop and ultimately be able to live a happy life where you are not ruled by stress and overwhelm. When you practice this regularly as part of your morning routine you will get into a flow and eventually develop improved self worth, positive mindset and increased resilience to stress.

I hope this helps you on your journey to building your resilience when it comes to stress and overwhelm. I can't wait to hear how you go! Drop me a Dm or comment on Instagram, I would love to know!

As always, until next time,

Love and light.

Rebecca xx

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