Journaling for Stress & Overwhelm

Today we are going to talk about journaling for stress and overwhelm.

We all kept a diary when we were young right? we wrote about our deepest darkest secrets, the boy we had a crush on, fights we had with our friends, mischief we got up to, teachers we liked and disliked at school, we locked it and stored it in a secret place away from our parents and siblings....surely that's not just me?

I am here to tell you that our younger selves were onto something when it came to keeping a diary and using it as a way to reflect on our days. There is something very therapeutic and healing about writing down your feelings and reflections on a page especially when it comes to dealing with stress and overwhelm.

Reflecting on the day that has been is such a powerful tool to release emotions or even work through them. There is no better way to slow down and connect in a dialogue with yourself.

I find it most helpful when training yourself to live mindfully to incorporate journaling into your daily routine as it can help you identify your triggers, understand what your default reactions to stress are as well has problem solving a way forward.

Some items to reflect on could be:

  • What feelings came up for you and what triggered them

  • What were some wins for the day

  • What didn't go so well and what could you do differently next time

  • Gratitude- What are you grateful for (I will cover gratitude journaling in a separate blog post)

Some words of advice from my own experience with journaling:

My biggest piece of advice for journaling is to not over think it, sometimes it can be good when you are starting out to just do a brain dump, no prompts no rules just write whatever comes to mind. There is no right or wrong, only what is right for you.

It may feel a bit forced at first, however I promise the more you practice journaling the easier it will become. You will start to notice that you are more in touch with yourself and your emotions and your stress is reduced. Journaling is a great starting point and will help you to better utilise the other coping techniques that I have outlined in my other blog posts.

I hope you have found this post helpful.

Until next time.

Rebecca xx

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