Have you ever heard of the saying 'follow your gut'? or 'gut feel' ?

These feelings that we often ignore are our bodies way of telling us a certain course of action or reaction might not be right for us.

You see our bodies and minds are more complex than we understand and intuition is a great example of this. Intuition is our ability to hold knowledge that we may not be consciously aware of. We can use this to guide decisions, actions and reactions but in many cases we chose to over analyse and overthink which often results in us not following our intuition.

We are often more connected to these kind of instincts as children, however over years of social conditioning we stop listening and start ignoring our intuition and become more disconnected from it. In many cases we lose touch with that little voice that guides us in the right direction to our higher purpose. We stop dreaming and choose to be what we deem as realistic, however this is exactly what limits us. Children are so great at really truly believing that they can be whatever that want to be, they follow their intuition and act on it, learning and improving along the way. Children dream big, how great would it be if we could do that as adults.

Why am I bringing up intuition in relation to stress and overwhelm? I think the more disconnected that we become from our intuition and our truth the more stressed out we become as we aren't living a life of passion and purpose, not feeling as though you are on the right path is stressful and overwhelming.

Intuition is an important part of mindfulness practice. When we are stressed we tend to act on a whim or a split second reaction, if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I often refer to these as your automatic or default responses. This is your intuition to some degree kicking in based on previous experiences or traumas, however in this case your intuition may not be serving you positively.

It will be a conscious effort at first to retrain your mind to pick up on little queues such as your triggers or where previous trauma or experiences may impact your ability to stay cool, calm and collected when under pressure or stress. The next part is questioning your initial judgement of a certain situation or person based on previous beliefs and whether they are still serving you positively today. If that previous belief is not serving you positively today, challenge yourself to change your view on it. Noticing your emotions and the way your body responds is a great way to stay connected to your intuition.

The good news is that over time this will become unconscious and not such a long process to evaluate situations and follow your intuition in a positive way even when under stress or pressure, you will then be able to follow your gut based on how to react or to not react, or even when to draw healthy boundaries.

To summarise:

  • Whilst intuition can be positive in many cases it can lead us astray when beliefs have been formed based on previous trauma or stress

  • You can reprogram your unconscious mind and therefore intuition so that it can serve you positively in the future when you are under pressure or stress

  • Start by questioning your beliefs about people and situations and whether these beliefs are serving you today or creating more stress and overwhelm

Until next time.

Love and light,

Rebecca xx

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