Dealing with Change & Uncertainty

Change is an inevitable part of life, however as humans change can be scary as we love and crave certainty, routine and predictability. Anything outside of this can be perceived as a threat and make us feel stressed by triggering a fight, flight, freeze response.

However, just because we feel comfortable in a state of certainty, routine and predictability it doesn't mean that we should live in fear of the unknown or avoid change.

Change is only as good as we perceive it to be. It is largely a matter of mindset and perception.

Ever heard of the saying, "Change is as good as a holiday", "When one door closes, another one opens"? These are both a "glass half full" perception of change. They are perceptions that you too, can choose to have, emphasis in the word "Choose" here.

When faced with change or hardship there is one of two ways you can choose to perceive it:

1) With a limited or fixed mindset where your ego takes over control and you feel as though you are a victim. You are stuck thinking "why did this happen to me", "what did I do to deserve this" and "this is going to be terrible". I am sure we have all been there, feeling this way even if it were only for a moment.


2) You can perceive change with a growth mindset. You can see it as a challenge, or as an opportunity to grow and learn. This opportunity will allow you to pivot and shift your mindset, actions and approach in order to achieve a better outcome next time around.

Below are some practical things you can do next time you are faced with change and uncertainty in order to shift your mindset from an ego "why always me" state to a positive state of growth.

Before you respond to or process the situation/change too much I challenge you to literally, stop what you are thinking or doing, take a breather (5 deep inhales & exhales) and ask yourself the following questions:

1) What good could come of this change if I choose to see it as a positive?

2) What will happen/what will I achieve if I remain in a victim mindset?

3) What can I learn from this?

4) How can I pivot/respond differently in order to achieve a desirable outcome

5) Who can I reach out to support me on this journey, and keep me accountable to a positive growth mindset?

The above questions will help you gain some perspective that no good will come of staying in a limited fixed mindset and letting your ego take control and will help you see opportunities for growth from a more positive mindset towards growth and uncertainty.

I hope you find the above helpful.

Until next time.

Rebecca xx

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