5 Tips for Self Love

I have spoken about self esteem in a previous post and how low self esteem can lead to stress and overwhelm as it leads us to having poor boundaries and often over committing as we feel as though that is what is necessary for others to love us when really the issue deep down is that we do not love or value ourselves enough.

If we have deep rooted beliefs about ourselves that are negative and not positive at all it can seem really difficult to show love to yourself on a daily basis and try to overcome and work through some of these beliefs.

Today I want to talk about how you can boost your self esteem with self love. I am not talking self care here like taking long bubble baths and doing face masks I am talking about doing some inner work to really work through these negative self beliefs so that you can come out the other side empowered and a little less stressed and overwhelmed.

Here are my top 5 tips for self love to boost self esteem and reduce stress and overwhelm

1) Accept yourself as you are! You are perfectly imperfect, you are unique! Stop comparing yourself to others and ditch perfectionism. Celebrate your weaknesses just as much as your strengths

2) Show yourself empathy and understanding! As Womxn we can be our own harshest critics and constantly tell ourselves we aren't enough! Try reframing that by treating yourself as you would a friend or loved one. One way to reframe is through positive self talk, stop putting yourself down talk to yourself as you would a friend. Every time you catch yourself about to put yourself down stop and challenge yourself to reframe that to something positive

3) Affirmations & Mirror work, I have a post on each of these topics, combining both mirror work and affirmations together can be really powerful. Try putting a post it not or writing on your mirror 'I am enough' and repeat it 3 times every morning when you are getting ready for the day and 3 times every night when you are preparing for bed and you will notice a huge difference in your beliefs about your self in no time at all.

4) Take responsibility for what you can control, that is your truest values and morals as well as how you react, interact and respond in every situation. Take every set back as an opportunity to learn, develop and grow. Most of all trust that you are on the right path!

5) Practice gratitude- I have a whole separate post on gratitude practice, hopefully you have read it. I will mention that a lot of us tend to externalise when we practice gratitude. We say we are grateful for our friends, our family, our experiences but very rarely do we practice gratitude for ourselves. next time that you practice gratitude try to list 3 things about you that you are grateful for, i.e. I am grateful that I made time for me today, I am grateful that I am a good mum, I am grateful to my body for a great yoga practice today. You get the idea, I challenge you to give it a try consecutively for a month and watch your mindset and beliefs about self transform.

I hope you found the above helpful.

As always, until next time.

Love and Light,

Rebecca xx

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