5 Tips for Dealing with Stress, Overwhelm & Anxiety

What a year 2020 has been! We have all faced our share of stress, overwhelm and anxiety whether it has been isolation due to restrictions or even the upset to our usual routines and lifestyle. It is completely understandable if you are feeling, stressed, overwhelmed or anxious!

I've got you! That is why I have put together the below hints and tips to help you deal with stress, overwhelm and anxiety. As always if you have any questions about the below or would like me to cover a particular item in more detail please reach out to me via Instagram DM, I am here for you, we will all get through this together!

1) Don't respond when emotions are heightened.

I know it can be very tempting to lash out or run and hide when you are faced with a situation that is stressful and you are overwhelmed. We all have a default 'fight, flight,freeze' response when we feel vulnerable or unsafe and that is totally okay, however if we respond in this 'default' way you may be passive and take on too much in order to avoid further conflict or react harshly to the other person and say things that we will later regret. This will only add fuel to the fire. I urge you to literally take a 'breather' to gain some clarity before you respond when faced with a stressful situation.

2) Know that you are worthy loved and supported

A lot of us over-commit and take on too much because deep down we feel as though we need to prove ourselves or others won't love us if we don't put their needs above our own. Know that in order to help others you need to first help and love yourself. Please do not feel as though you need to constantly be perfect and take everything on, you do not need to prove yourself to anyone. I guarantee you that you are worthy, loved and supported. Anyone that makes you feel otherwise is not worth your energy. Just know that this feeling of not being worthy started within you, so practice taking some time for you and celebrating your own beauty & strengths loving yourself will help you build healthy boundaries and reduce stress.

3) Communication

This one relates to the one above. Know that you are worthy of asking for help when you need it. Have the confidence to reach out for help when it is needed. If you are of the mindset that it is okay to ask for help and others are willing to extend that help to you, your stress levels will be reduced greatly. Try an affirmation "I firmly believe that it is okay to ask for help and I know that when I ask for help I will receive it"

4) Balance

Girl, Rome wasn't built in a day! If you are a Mum sometimes the house will be messy that is okay! At work there will be days where you are less productive and little things come up that weren't on your to do list, that is okay! I encourage you to accept that sometimes life isn't perfect, it is messy, challenging and sometimes things do not go to plan. That is okay, you can't control everything. Tomorrow is a new day, this too shall pass.

5) Get Clear

Work with a success list instead of a to do list. Each day set out 3 key things that you want to achieve, just 3 keep it simple it shouldn't be an unachievable laundry list of items. In order to decide on what to include in your success list I like to brain dump everything I need to do. I then prioritise items based on asking myself these questions: Is this Important? When does this need to be done (now or at all)? Is this something someone else could help me with or do? If the item doesn't need to be done it won't make it into my success list same goes if the task can be delegated to someone else (I have the confidence to ask for this help). Lastly, but most importantly, at the end of the day I reflect on what I have achieved, what I am grateful for and what I could do differently next time. Shifting your mindset to celebrating what you were able to achieve rather than what you weren't able to tick off of your to do list makes all the difference to your stress levels, trust me!

I hope this helps you all feel less stressed, overwhelmed and anxious!

Rebecca xx

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