5 Self Care tips for the time poor Womxn

Today we are all aware how important self care is especially in times of stress and overwhelm, however when we are stressed and overwhelmed it also often means we are time poor so making time for self care seems nearly impossible.

We all scroll our Instagram feeds and see other Womxn with their fancy face masks, hair masks having weekends away etc and think, if that is self care I just don't have time for that. We make deals with ourselves 'If I just finish xyz then I will have time to take a bath or for a walk' you get the drift. But what happens? We are either too tired to do the thing and claim that time for much needed sleep (which don't get me wrong is important) or we find something else to do from our 'to do' list and all hopes of self care go out the window.

Today I am here to tell you that self care doesn't need to be a fancy weekend away or a day at a day spa (although that would be nice). It doesn't need to be hours of time out of your day that you just don't have because let's be honest taking hours out of your day would probably just add to your stress and overwhelm am I right? Taking time for you can be quick but can feel absolutely amazing. Remember you can't pour from an empty cup and whilst you may think that you don't have 'time' for some self care I guarantee you that if you make the time you will recharge yourself, be more productive afterwards and better yet you are preventing yourself from burnout.

Next time you think you don't have time for self care I want you to ask yourself, what will happen if you don't make time for self care? How will you feel? How will you show up for those around you? I guarantee the answer will be you will be stressed, grumpy and less productive if you don't take some time out for you so that to do list can wait (although I am hoping by now you are using success lists instead)!

Here are 5 self care practices you can do that take only ten minutes of your time but will have you feeling fabulous and recharged ready to take on whatever the day throws your way!

1) Ditch the bath and take a mindful shower (see my post on mindfulness for tips)

2) Meditate

3) Journaling

4) Mindful movement- take a short walk or do some slow calming yoga poses

5) Get some fresh air- get out in nature and appreciate the beauty that is around you, it can be very grounding and calming!

Of course if you are able perhaps once a week you may have more time in your schedule for more than ten minutes for self care and that is amazing, in those instances you may be able to take that bath, or put on that face mask/hair mask or go for a massage! Whatever takes your fancy and makes you feel good! You deserve it, we all need to take time to reset, recharge and go within regularly so that we don't reach the stage of total overwhelm due to stress.

I hope you have found this helpful.

As always, until next time.

Love and Light,

Rebecca xx

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