This is my very first eBook over 40 pages of information, hints and tips about stress.

Topics Include:

-  What is Stress

- Causes of Stress & Symptoms

-  Fatigue Lack of Energy & Poor Sleep

- Sleep

- Morning & Night Time Routine

- Migraines, Headaches & Pains

- Diet

- What's next

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I am sharing with you 22 of my favourite affirmations, no matter what you need to affirm there will be one for you. This includes affirmations for star signs!

I have put these in a handy PDF format so you can easily print your favourites and put them somewhere that will remind you every single damn day that you are a goddess!

I also have blog post on the power of affirmations if you are new to the practice I highly recommend you check it out.

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Journal Prompts.PNG
Journal Prompts.png

I am a huge fan of journaling not just for healing from stress but for mindset maintenance, this is something I both practice personally and teach my clients.

I am sharing with you completely free my favourite Journal prompts for

- Healing from stress & trauma

- Understanding Stress Triggers & automatic responses

- Connecting mind, body & soul

- Manifesting & stepping into your power

Journaling is such a powerful tool for personal development.

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Meditation is another powerful tool that I use for myself and for my clients to heal from stress, overwhelm, anxiety & low self esteem. 


This tool can help you not only let go of what no longer serves you but step into your power and uncover the goddess that is you.

If you would like to learn more about meditation I have covered this in my blog as well as in my free 5 day challenge.

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My blog is a place where I share my hints and tips for mindset, mindfulness, manifestation and spirituality. 


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