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Are you feeling stuck, like life could be a little more magic? Stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted?

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I am a Women's mindset coach & intuitive healer specializing in energy healing techniques Reiki & Theta Healing. 


I know when you are stressed, overwhelmed and living out of alignment it is hard to know where to start, this is why intuitive healing is so powerful. I meet you where you are at to create a customized ritualistic healing experience tailored to you.


I am living proof that stress, overwhelm, overcommitting, poor boundaries and self-talk can lead to complete burn-out & serious health consequences but also you can choose to climb back into the drivers seat of life and create the life of your dreams, it’s never too late!


My goal is to ensure that my clients don’t wake up one day in the distant future, in ten years time and think, “how did I get here, living this life that I am not enjoying, I have wasted the best years of my life”. 


Time goes by so quickly and you don’t want to be wasting it unfulfilled, stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s time to get unstuck & create some magic! I’ve got you!

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A membership with the tools to awaken you out of a constant state of stress.


Meditations, affirmations and journal prompts to get you started

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Healing specifically designed for you and your needs.


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